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Habitat for Humanity Calcasieu Area is in great need of the items listed below. Here are several ways you can help:

  • Directly donate an item— You can purchase an item(s) from the supplier of your choice for delivery to Habitat for Humanity Calcasieu Area, or if you have a good working condition used item, please drop by our offices during our working hours.
  • Let us purchase an item for you  using one of these options:
    1. Telephone us at (337) 497-0129 with your credit card number, or
    2. Print our donation form, indicate the item you wish to be purchased, and mail with a check to our office.
    3. Make a donation online by visiting our secure online donations page and selecting "Wish List Item" in the Donation Purpose pull-down menu. Please list the specific item(s) you wish to donate in the Additional Notes box.


  • Paslode Cordless Trim Nail Gun [$300]
    Trim Nail Gun
  • Dewalt Rechargeable Batteries [80]
    We use drills and other tools onsite that require these batteries which wear out with extend use.
  • Architect
    We often need the expertise and advice from an architect when we need to make changes to our established home floor plans.
  • Lunches for Volunteer
    We need to feed our Construction Volunteer. So buying lunch would be a great way to support Habitat.


  • A working Forklift [$10,000 -$30,000]
    We need a fork lift for the ReStore. We receive donation of big items and this would greatly improve the lives of our restore workers.  
  • 25' & 50' Extension Cords 12ga [$50]
    12ga Extension Cords


  • Office Supplies Cooking Supplies
    White rectangular table cloths, large punch bowl, large coffee dispenser, large pots and pans, silverware set, large cooking utensils, plate set for 12, glass ware set for 12, paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, large cups, coffee cups and plastic spoons and forks). Copy paper and Ivory card stock.


  • Landscaper [$100-$1,500]
    We like to landscape our new homes, approximately 1200 square feet.

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